In the Warhammer World there are a number of different intelligent peoples.

Humans (Men)

The race of intelligent humanoids dominant in the Old World. Men were one of the last intelligent races of the Warhammer World to become civilized. However, they are now one of the most powerful with nations spread throughout the globe. They are the chief practitioners of the religion of Sigmarism, as well as the main opponent of Chaos’ incursions into the Old World.


The Elves were the second civilized race to walk the world. Created by the Old Ones, the Elves showed an adeptness at magic and boast extremely long lives, upwards of 2000 years (though some Elves are much older), allowing them many centuries to train a skill and hence most Elves are extremely proficient at their given role. Torn asunder many thousands of years ago by a great civil war called the Sundering, there are three major nations of Elves.

  • Dark Elves — The relentless and bitter Druchii of Naggaroth still follow Malekith, who was exiled but still claims to be the rightful heir to the throne of the Elven Kingdoms of Ulthuan. The dark elves are sworn enemies of the High Elves and try incessantly to invade Ulthuan. Dark elves enjoy nothing more than inflicting pain and suffering on others and frequently launch raids throughout the Old World in order to capture more slaves to feed their hunger for cruelty.
  • High Elves — The Asur, as they call themselves carry on the ancient traditions of the Elven people on the island continent of Ulthuan, as well as the burdens of many millennia of arrogance and warfare. The High Elves are ruled by the Phoenix Kings, the first of which was Aenarion, and the current Phoenix King is Finubar Seafarer.
  • Wood Elves — The ruthless Asrai abandoned their High Elf kin in the Sundering to both protect and restrain the strange sentient forest of Athel Loren in the Old World. They appear to be neither good nor bad, as likely to kill lost travellers as to aid them. They are mortal enemies to the Beastmen, and wage a silent war against them in the shadowy glades of the world’s forests


The Dwarfs live in city fortresses dug into the mountains of the Old World. Their chaotic brethren occupy one huge towering city in the Dark Lands to the east of the Old World. Please note that “Dwarves” and “Dwarfs” are interchangeable.

  • Dwarfs or Dawi are an ancient, grim, and determined race integral in the founding of the Empire, the Dwarfs spend their days avenging grudges and counting gold. Dwarfs are the greatest craftsmen in the Warhammer World and in addition to enjoying fine weapons and armor they have the best heavy infantry and artillery around. Dwarf armies are well suited to defensive warfare, however due to their lack of mobility they do not do well when forced to go on the offensive. Dwarfs are legendary for their ability to never forget nor forgive a wrong against them, their finely crafted weapons and armor, ability to consume large quantities of ale, extreme stubbornness, mistrust of elves, and hatred of greenskins. Dwarfs are the closest ally to Humanity, although the Elves of Ulthuan have united with the Humans as well in the last few hundred years.
  • Chaos Dwarves — Tireless overseers of soulless industry, the Chaos Dwarfs worship their own Dark God; Hashut, the Father of Darkness. The Chaos Dwarves were separated from the rest of the Dwarfs in the coming of Chaos and chose to bow down before Hashut in the face of certain destruction. They now reside in Zhar Naggarund in the Dark Lands and command armies of slaves to build their arcane weapons of war.


Halflings are a race of short humanoids who dwell primarily in The Moot. Halflings are renowned for their hospitality and agricultural produce, but are often discriminated against; in part due to a common bias that they are all thieves.



The tribes of Orcs, Goblins and related races are spread across the Old World and into the east, and are collectively known as Greenskins. They sometimes come together in a giant crusade-like war called a Waaagh!. Greenskins have a primitive culture based around their gods Gork and Mork and have primitive but effective technology.


Beastmen are savage humanoids, twisted by the taint of Chaos. They stand upright and appear to have the torsoes of men, but have hooves instead of feet and bestial faces which may share features with a range of creatures, but are usually a mixture of human and goat.


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