The Grand Principality of Ostland People, Customs and Habits
Ruler The Land At their worst… At their best…
Elector-Count Valmir von Raukov, Grand Prince of Ostland, Margrave of the Northern March, Hammer of the East. Almost whole of the land is covered by ominous forest and some grassland, all wrapped around a mountain range Ostlanders are overly stubborn, proud and intolerant, combined with a jealousy towards the “lucky” provinces of the Empire. Ostlanders are coolheaded in a crisis, practical and not given to airs and graces. They are proud survivors.
Government Military prowess Known for… How other looks at them
Feudal Stout soldiers and a military history of never yielding grounds. For their ability to survive no matter what. They are bull-headed, notoriously thrifty
and will eat anything.
Major Exports Major Churches Typical Traits Sayings
Pewter ware, salt, cheeses, vodka. Sigmar Conservative “In the mud, the blood and the beer!”: an old toast.
Capital Political Situation Speech & Accent Customs & Pastime
Wolfenburg, a beautiful Cityand the crossroad of trade between the Empire and Kislev. Orderly and stable, some corruption remain after the inept rule of the von
Their speech has strange pacing, and Kislevite tones, with pauses in the middle of a sentence. All communities have a temple or shrine to Sigmar.


Places of Note
Forest of Shadows

Please note this is a standard map of Ostland our game has the geography altered


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