Coaching Houses of the Empire

Travel in the Empire can be quite hazardous, as long stretches of the road cuts to through untamed wilderness, ominous forests, filled with bandits and beastmen. To this day you travel cheaper and saver by using the major waterways of the Empire. But several ambitious coaching houses are rivalling the travel barges of the rivers. Land travel by road on coaches is more expensive and more dangerous than the river barges.

So why use them? Simple answer is speed.

The most successful of the Coaching houses is the Four Season Coaches which now cover all the main roads from Aldorf. They have established a chain of exclusive Coaching inns along the main routes out of Altdorf. Other major Coaching houses includes: Cartak lines and Ratchett lines of Altdorf. Red Arrow Coaches of Averheim, and Wolf Runner coaches and Castle Rock Coaches of Middenheim. Canon Ball Express and Imperial Expressways of Nuln, and Tunnelway coaches of Talabheim.




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