Historical Figures

of Bökenhof

Loken A Wizard in the days long before Sigmar
Richter Damstadt A hero of an orc invasion from 100 years ago

Loken & The Fire Witch (as told by a pewtersmith)
Loken was a Wizard who lived in the Bökenhof region in the days long before Sigmar. He was a “trickster” and one story involves him fighting against a fire witch who lived in the hills, the people of Bökenhof sent soldiers to defeat her but they never came back. One day e then took his three colored cloak taking brown from the dirt, yellow from the wheat and the light blue from a summers day and wove it around himself to turn himself into a common man calling himself “Schmidt” and headed off the confront the witch.

Loken with soldiers from Bökenhof were facing the fire witch but she was able to throws bolts of blue fire that froze the men turning them to stone. Loken saw that she was too powerful to be defeated by arms or his magic and took the lute he stole from Taal that had all the songs of forest in it. Knowing that she was too savage and powerful to be turned into anything she wasn’t in her heart, he played the song of the bear and slowly she became the bear.

He then played a song to put the bear to sleep but knowing that this wasn’t a complete solution he played the song of the raven and called one of Morr ravens asking it to watch over the bear and make sure it doesn’t remember it was once a Witch. To buy the ravens trust he pulled out two things the darkness from a deep pit, the leaf he got from the ever-living, and he took a hint of the song that turned soldiers to stone and the raven agreed. The raven sat on fire witches throne and looked out over the bear and to this day watches to make sure it never remembers.

Richter Damstadt
Roughly 100 years ago there was a large orc invasion and in single combat he defeated the orc general and claimed his axe the “Head Chopper”. It is said that when he killed the orc several of the orc “witches” heads exploded which helped to break their morale. In the town square a statue commemorates his victory it depicts him standing triumphant over the orc, and the axe he is holding is the actual Head Chopper bolted in. Bökenhof holds a festival in his honor every year in the month of Erntzezeit.

Historical Figures

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