Alcoholic Beverages

Ales, Beers or Lagers Cost * Availability Description & Effects
Beer Brewed with hops for a different flavor and longevity than its cousin ale. Beer comes in many varieties including bock, pale, dark, lager, red, pilsner, porter, and stout
Bugman`s Best Bitter Description
Thunderwater Ale A strong and rich ale from Stromdorf, worthy for dwarves
Bushesiser ** The cheapest stuff you can get
Skullcrusher ** Description
Old Subterranean ** Description
*(in pints, glass or shots) **(our groups own creation)


Cost Availability Description & Effects
Hagus ** Middenheim delicacy
**(our groups own creation)

Terminology and Slang

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Sports and Games

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Sayings in the Empire

“What hold the Empire together, lad is that our mutual dislike of each other is less than our dislike of everyone else.”_

“He was born by Morr`s light”_: He’s an ill-omened or suspicious person.
– Averland

“I’d sooner burn my bow”
: I’ll never do that.
– Hochland
“Draktongue”: Lying or conniving talk.
– Middenland

“Salt-Cod”: A dead person
– Nordland

“Upon Morr`s plate”: On a battlefield
– Ostermark

“Old soldiers!”: A common drinking toast.
– Ostland


Buried but not Forgotten Edward_D