Character Creation

Follow the standard creation rules (example) as laid out in the Core Rules. Once your character dies (they will) your new character starts with half the experience of the highest PC.

In addition to the standard rules come up with… (temp)

Character Traits

Choose 3 descriptive statements about your character. They should be something that could possibly be helpful or hurtful. They can be anything descriptive that defines your character. If you want to hold onto your Belief or weakness and get bonuses for it, then you can work it in here.

Examples: Stubborn as a mule, Don’t touch the hair!, Looking for my father’s killer, Compulsive Gambler, Sharp dresser, Smarter than he looks

Torments are more specific. There are four aspects which drive your character. In some ways, they are failings, things that your character gives into (or struggles not to). Some of your Beliefs and Weaknesses can fit into these better than in Distinctions.

Desire: What do you crave more than anything? Desires should fall into experiences or things.
Hatred: What do you hate more than anything?
Fear: What do you fear more than anything?
Ambition: What do you want to become, either in talent/skill or status.

You may “tag” a Distinction or Torment when it applies to a roll for either a positive or negative effect. When applied Positively, gain X. When applied negatively, gain X and a fortune point is added to the party sheet. This bonus is not automatic, and must be invoked by the player. The player decides whether the effect is positive of negative. Tagging a Torment is worth 2 dice.

Character Creation

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