Approximately 300
Under the rule of Graf Osric von Schattenheim
Currently handled by the Three Eagles Mercenary company

Bökenhof is a small town that lies on a river at the edge of the Forrest of Shadows in the province of Ostland. It’s main business is in fine woodwork and pewtersmithing, though there is a small trade in pelts/animal skins from hunters based in the forrest as well as exporting their local cheese and vodka. A single noble family rules from their nearby estate.

As with all Ostlanders the people of Bökenhof are known for being stubborn and intolerant. It is a relatively poor province, and the people are generally thrifty and able to make due with little. Because of this they are somewhat jealous of the wealthier provinces (especially the Reikland).

Unlike the surrounding northern provinces, they rarely worship the old gods (Taal, Rhya, Ulric, etc) and almost exclusively revere Sigmar (even more so than the Reikland in many ways). Only those that reside in the forrest still revere Taal and Rhya more than Sigmar. The citizens of Bökenhof look down on this, with opinions ranging from “those country bumpkins” to “un-pious and ungrateful.”


The Three Eagles
When ?? was executed for the charge of treason the ?? hired The Three Eagles to serve as the town guard. Led by the ill-tempered Captain Hannos Brande they


Loken, The Wizard Prince – A Wizard who lived in the Bökenhof region in the days long before Sigmar.
Richter Damstadt, hero of Bökenhof – Led in the fight against an Orc invasion 100 years ago.

The Horns
Brandied Buck
Group House?

Bronze Knot (upper)
Split Helm (lower)

Major Guilds:


Places of Interest:
Abandoned Brewery
Market Square
Neilich Distillery
Richter Damstadt’s Statue
Town Hall


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