Buried but not Forgotten

001 - The Requests

Hey Ragnar going into the forest? Need a Hand?

The Chest


Fifteen months after they left Ubersreik the group has migrated to Bökenhof to pursue their own individual agendas. Unfortunately a missing coach will put each in conflict as they journey into the Forest of Shadows to find a lost chest and young woman.

Graf Osric von Schattenheim, Count of Bökenhof, Lord Sentinal of the Northern Forest
Countess Isolde von Schattenheim, Countess of Bökenhof
Eldred von Schattenheim, Noble Heir
Lorenz Einsam, Seneschal to von Schattenheim
Voltz Mehlbeck, Burgomeister of Bökenhof

Captain Hannos Brande, Captain of Three Eagles
Willfred Solland “The Badger”, Shady Dealer

Vassili Dimitrov, Interdependent Contractor

Cobble Dallwood, Owner Brandied Buck

Ethelind Volsbach, Young noblewoman from Shildorf

From stories/history
Loken, The Wizard Prince
Richter Damstadt, hero of Bökenhof

Game Date: Erntzezeit 5, 2518
Notable People:
Session Date: January 29, 2012




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